Retirement and Family Planning

Is your family financially secure if you were gone from this world ? and yes I mean deceased.


LIFE INSURANCE  - Is the way to prepare for life's unexpected moments.  This type of Insurance policy can cover funeral costs, expenses, bills, and ease the pain by protecting your family financially through the tragic events.

Is the IRS witholding enough federal taxes from you?

Taxpayers commonly carry the misconception when the tax season comes around, about why they received less of a tax refund, or why they owe more, by blaming their current Tax preparer. A simple updated w-4 form of your filing status and exemptions may be the solution for some of you.  

Did you have a 401k or IRA with your previous employer?


If you did, most likely your account is no longer growing and should think about your options immediately.

- You can do a rollover , so you can move your retirement savings  into similar investment options.

- You can withdraw your retirement accounts and endure a 10% penalty tax for early withdraw if you have not reached the age of 59 1/2, plus federal taxes and service fees.