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Welcome to our office! income taxes in Azusa auto insurance in Azusa ER Multi Service in Azusa, Where we provide Income tax preparation, Insurance, Weddings, and all document servicing.

About Us


ER Multi-Service was founded in May of 1985 originally located in the city of Roses Pasadena , California.  Founders Edgardo Roldan and Julia Vargas Roldan started doing business officially, offering  Income Tax preparation and  Auto Insurance. services.

Our establishment underwent several name changes throughout the years, such as ER Auto Insurance, ER Income Tax, and ER Professional Services and recently ER Multi-Service based on Edgardo Roldan"s initials which is often confused with "emergency room" undoubtedly.


Each and everyone of our staff are knowledgeable, and experienced in their duties and licensed annually,. This unique professional team  is an important component of ER Multi-Service. 

Our clients, and communities satisfaction of our services are based on our professionalism in the  several fields we thrive in on a daily basis. Edgardo Roldan understands the trust and confidence you have given us and  he does not take that lightly, and is an embedded attribute that our staff maintains.


In 2015 ER Multi-Service celebrated their 30th year anniversary in business achieving their biggest  milestone yet 

After nearly 3 decades in Business. ER Multi-Service was finally recognized and  honored by the Azusa Award Program consecutively in 2012, and 2013.

In 2010 ER Multi-Service celebrated their 25th  year anniversary in Business and held an exclusive event for our long term clients.


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